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Posted on May 2nd, 2021 10:58 AM

SALONA BICHONA, a leading home furnishing brand from Jaipur, Rajasthan presents a wide range of prints, designs and colors for Diwan sets online. Decorating home is always a good idea, and a living room is a place where every guest is present and gatherings happen and a place of sitting together. Living room is a place which should be decorated and the essentials is a diwan set matching with them interior and aesthetics of the room.  Diwan set offered by us are in various prints, there is a complete range of Jaipuri diwan sets which showcases Rajasthani prints and traditions thus giving a royal look to the place. Diwans in the living room are decorated with a diwan sheet, cushions and bolsters at back and side to complete the overall look, by making it more comfortable and beautiful.

The following things to consider while buying diwan sets online and on retail stores are:

HEIGHT AND SIZE: Diwans are usually made of the standard height and size according to the set furniture in the living room. It should always fit in the room to make the look more attractive and decent.

BUDGET: Always spend on things while making a set budget and doing a proper research on the product.

COLOR AND PRINT: The most important aspect while buying diwan set is, choosing the color according to the living room interior and aesthetic. It should always match with the décor and make the look complete and beautiful. You can choose from various prints at our website from, we have print on prints option, with beautiful cushion and ballot covers, we have a range of Jaipuri diwan sets with imprints of Rajasthani tradition on it.

FABRIC: Always opt for cotton fabric as they are more durable, stick to the bed properly, they are eco-friendly and breathable. We offer you the premium quality cotton imprinted with beautiful prints and designs keeping in mind of providing the best comfort .

WASHCARE: The cotton fabric bedding and diwan sets are always easy to maintain as they require is normal wash with light detergent. and dry them inside out.



You can buy diwan sets online from SALONA BICHONA website at we offer a wide variety of diwan sets, crafted in premium cotton, with beautiful prints, Rajasthani and Jaipuri Prints, different designs and patterns and in vibrant colors, to match your room aesthetics and mood.


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