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Posted on February 4th, 2021 01:17 PM


Colors have played a pivotal role in bringing about changes in the human mind, improving the mood and providing mental stability. Color therapy does affect your mood and heals and energize people .the color should match with bedroom aesthetics .each color has a different effect on our mood .so let’s decide what colors you should consider for your bedding and home décor?


  1. Warm colors: These colors make room look more intimate and are cozy and radiant, these include hues of red, orange, yellow
  2. Cool colors: These include various hues of blues, pink, blue-greens. These colors are mostly preferred as they are soft, soothing, peaceful and calming. They have lots of natural light so they give more cooler and relaxed feeling.
  3. Neutral colors: These include gray, black, white, beige and soft hued brown colors. They go well with accordingly designed room décor.

  • Blue: Choose softer shades of blue bedding as it very calming and soothing color, thus makes your bedroom look nice and cozy .blue is also known for lowering blood pressure.
  • Green: Green color reflects nature and outdoors, it makes you feel more easy and comfortable and refreshes’ your mind, body and spirit .it is considered as a healing color and has stress – relieving effects.
  • Pink: It is a soft color and thus provides feeling of caring, love and tenderness. It gives you minimal style with comfort.

  • Red: Red is an ideal choice when you are in romantic mood .this color is warm and bold. Red is uplifting, racy and energetic. It is also considered as the most attractive color.

  • Yellow: It is the color of sunshine and thus makes people happy and cheerful and denotes positivity and freshness, a perfect color to cheer up your mood.
  • Black and grey: These are most popular colors, they look charming and elegant if sets right with the décor of the room
  • White: This is the color of calmness, if you want to relax in your bedroom with quite atmosphere and do not want to distract from colors. Select white for your bedding .it makes your room look more clean and classy.

Simple solids for modern and classy look – as simplicity is the key,  so ensure to have your bedding with the plain bedsheet with a little contrasting pillows goes a long way .our digital print bedsheets are the perfect example to buy if you want something like this.


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