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Posted on February 4th, 2021 12:42 PM

Being at home from work will surely need an ultimate relaxation. The best way to feel is lying down on your & relax and have a peaceful sleep. The mattress and bed sheets are the most important aspect and thus need to be more comfortable and soft. It is necessary to understand what makes the perfect bed sheets when seeking to purchase set. This guide will help you make the right choice while selecting the perfect bedding!


1. PURPOSE: Coordination between your bedroom and the color and style you use for your décor is important to put all together. The occasion for which you are buying should always be kept in mind.

2. MATERIAL: The material you choose for your bed sheet is personal choice of every customer as quality sleep is what matters the most. Popular and most recommended choice amongst buyers is cotton as it is breathable and best for everyday use. The bedding materials available in the market are -  

  • COTTON: Breathable, soft, lightweight, best for everyday use, longer durability, skin-friendly, eco-friendly.
  • POLYSTER: It is usually used in a blend with some other fabric. This fabric is stain resistant, they are not so skin friendly, and it is a man-made fabric,
  • LINEN: It is a soft fabric and thus wrinkles after every wash. Go with high quality linen if choosing one.
  • MICRO-FIBRE: Made from synthetic fiber, they will keep you warm and comfortable. This fabric is usually used in manufacturing of comforters and Dohars.

    The sheets should not include any kind of chemicals during processing which may cause harm to skin.  As the weather in India has hot and humid climate in most parts for major part of the year we recommend pure cotton Bed sheets which might be little expensive but is always a good choice.

3.THREAD COUNT: Thread count is the number of threads in 1 square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the softer and finer the fabric of bed linen is. The ideal thread count considered good is between 120TC-500 TC. The fiber content considered best is 100% cotton.

4. RIGHT FIT AND SIZE: When buying bed sheets the most important thing is the right fit and size of your bed should be known to you while purchasing. The bed sheet sizes vary according to beds like single bed sheets for smaller beds, double bed sheets for regular beds and king size bed sheets for a little larger beds.

5. CHOOSE DESIGNS: the basic thing is to decide on which pattern and print you want to choose according to your taste and which matches your bedroom aesthetics. You have variety of options to choose from like floral prints, abstract and geometric patterns, solid bed sheets with printed pillows looks very elegant or you can go with digital printed bed sheets. It has to be completely your choice on what will suit the best with your mood and décor.

6. WASH CARE: Always look out for wash care instructions mentioned in the instructions such as whether to wash the dark color once separately and is suggested always use lukewarm water and do not dry them in direct head. Dry them in shade


7. CHECK FOR THE RETURN POLICY: Before you buy the bed sheets or any product do check the return policy as no matter how much effort you make while selecting a perfect bed sheet , sometimes it may not be the one you wanted. Always check the return policy to ensure hassle-free returns, if you are not satisfied with the sheets.


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